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Journal Prompts to
Come to Being Journal

You can offer suggestions to be added to this list by clicking Contact or a direct message through social media icon links above.

- If you were a superhero and had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?  Why is it important to have that superpower?

-In what way did you feel safe today?

-In what way did you feel loved today?

-Pay It Forward in an act of kindness today and reflect on it.

-Where are you balanced and what is unbalanced in your life?

-What are your 3 weaknesses you could focus on to improve on and how?

-How are you handling stress and what are you doing about it or need to do about it?  What resources?

-We are a reflection of the top 5 people we spend our time with. In the last year, who did you spend the most time with and how has it affected you?

-What books have you read that have made a positive impact on your life? What books do you plan to read next? This could be audiobooks, podcasts, seminars, etc.

-Are you waiting for someone to inspire you or are you inspiring yourself?

-Have you been managing your money well to get to your financial goals? Do you wish to budget? (See budget tool under Tools/Resources here at - tab along top of page)

-In what ways are you giving back? Charity/donations/actions towards the greater good of all?

-Are you spending enough quality time with friends & family? If not, what can you change to make that happen?

-In what ways do you need to forgive yourself?

-In what ways do you need to forgive others?

-How can you make my relationships more fulfilling?

-How are you in your work/business performance? Are you playing full out in it?

-Do you spend more time looking at the glass half full or empty? 

-We all find times where we're seeing things in a more negative way, complaining or blaming others. Where do these come from? Is it fear? Of what? How can you overcome that?

-In what ways can you life a live in a sense of gratitude?

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