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Meditating in Nature

Ames Alchemy, LLC

 Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness and feeling lost? Do you wish to find that passion and vigor in life again?  Are you feeling limited instead of empowered? I can help.  I've been there personally and I'd love to share with you how you can live an empowered life full of passion and vigor.  Let's find that spark in your life to do something new or different - even with your diagnosis.  Let's dream, explore, and create together through guided meditation and coaching so you can take action towards your new life vision.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your life. Dreams are possible!

Through Lifestyle Medicine, I've lost 80 lbs, dropped 7 medications and 7 diagnosis. Making big lifestyle changes requires a lot of work correcting old limiting beliefs and creating new healthier neurological patterns and beliefs. Let’s do this! I’ve got you!

Self-awareness can also be described as humility—knowing what is working and what is not working. Change starts from within. First, we explore the health of your inner emotional roots, which dictate how we respond and/or react to situations. Then we set intentions on how to repair any weakness or damage we discover, and how to harness the strength you already possess.

How it Works:


If you'd like to work with me, please use the Apply Button to see if I can be of help. If I feel I can, I will reach out to you to schedule your pro bono initial session. During that call we will discuss your successes and challenges, determine long-term goals, and outline a coaching plan. All sessions are done through Zoom, but alternative methods of communication can be arranged on an individual basis.


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Sheila Ames, BSN, RN, PHN, HWNC-BC

Transformational Holistic Health & Wellness Nurse Coach

To get started with coaching, please click "Apply" to see if you're eligible for a pro bono session with Ames Alchemy

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