A little fun at work prior to diagnosis 
Infusion - Go antibodies!!!

My Story


Helping others is my life purpose. My vision through coaching is to help others with chronic illnesses feel empowered and energized so that they can manifest their dreams with balanced health, a clear mind, and a free spirit.  

I worked as a Registered Nurse (RN) for over 12 years in the hospital setting including the ICU, ER and Cardiac. In addition, I held an administrative manager RN position. Most recently, prior to coaching, I worked in home health and hospice in Mendocino County, CA. I loved making personal connections with people to better help them understand their diagnosis and how to live with it and/or beat it!

Resiliency is born from overcoming struggle, and some of the best coaches are those who have been there themselves. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), a non-communicable genetic mutation that affects the immune system's ability to create enough antibodies to fight off infections. As a result, I was forced to step away as my work as a RN in the ICU and seek a different path in my nursing career that would still honor my desire to serve others. Thanks to plasma donors, I receive monthly infusions of antibodies to prevent infections, which enables me to work remotely.

I'm dedicated to discovering to ways to work with my disability, not only to enrich my life, but to inspire others. I encourage those with a type of Primary Immune Deficiency to join my Facebook Support Group. Also, if you'd like to learn more about CVID, I discuss it on this podcast.





When I'm not coaching, I enjoy traveling, doing yoga,  dancing, hiking, foraging for wild herbs/food, making jewelry, and knitting. I'm also skilled in metaphysics and operate an Etsy Shop, where I sell a wide range of crystals, healing sessions and homemade all-natural bath and body products.

My Crendentials: 

*Nationally Board Certified Nurse Coach through the American Holistic Nurses Association

*Licensed Registered Nurse with California and Indiana 

*Bachelor's in Science of Nursing through University of Phoenix

*Associates Science of Nursing through Mendocino College

*Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church

*Graduate of The Nurse Coach Collective as a Transformative Nurse Coach

*Certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher

*Certified Crystal Healer through Sage Goddess

*Ordained Priestess through Sage Goddess

*Certified Angelofos Practitioner through Sage Goddess

*Certified Soul Shift Healer through Sage Goddess


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A sweater I made for a dear friends' daughter.