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"Shortly after beginning with Sheila, I experienced a traumatic event that resulted in panic attacks and anxiety that was overwhelming. Sheila was able to teach me through mindfulness practices to reduce my anxiety and help with my panic attacks. With Sheila’s relentless effort to bring healing to our safe space my anxiety became more manageable. I attribute her dedication to helping keep me stay functional until I could get in with a therapist to address the PTSD caused by the experience. I enjoyed every session with Sheila. I actually looked forward to each session to see what new experience was in store for the meeting. I liked that Sheila provided me a safe space to open up about things I had to keep silent for almost 3 years. 3 years of silence that almost cost me my life. I benefited from gaining knowledge of mindfulness practice and its benefits to my health. I’ve learned to take time for myself every morning to start my day. I now begin everyday with mindfulness to get myself ready to face the challenges of the day. I would recommend Sheila to anyone needing to gain insight to the benefits of mindfulness practice for your health and well being."
-Anonymous, Georgia, USA, 2020

"As a peer coach, going through the same program, Sheila was a great first coach for me! She encouraged fresh ideas to eating healthy, such as consistent meal planning, cutting up veggies for my afternoon binging, and keeping my self accountable using a check mark system! Sheila has a gift with mindfulness practices, bringing in mesmerizing sounds, creating imagery, while deep breathing and creating stillness! Bringing such calm, relaxation, and awareness to my mind, body, and spirit! During Sheila's coaching I was able to verbalize a mantra of sorts for myself. Which has proven to be very helpful to me on day to day basis, repeating it often! It has brought more confidence and more peace within myself! Having a coach to talk to on a weekly basis about your life and the struggles and successes, is very motivating, encouraging, and a real growth building experience! I would recommend health coaching to all people looking to move themselves in a direction that feels more meaningful and fulfilling to them! I would certainly recommend Sheila to anyone searching for more understanding and awareness of themselves and with a desire to move beyond who they are presently. Sheila is very easy to talk to and you should most definitely call her for your next appointment!!"

-Leslie K, 43yo, Oregon, 2020


"When I started coaching with Sheila, I had a not so great experience with a previous coach/mentor. I normally practice mindfulness by myself, or with my own clients. I’ve been seeking out a mentor but hadn’t found one that I really clicked with yet. I came in with an open mind but with very even expectations. I liked that I instantly connected with Sheila. From the moment we started our conversation, I felt as if I was meeting up with an old friend, not a complete stranger. This allowed me to let my guard down and really get into the mindfulness completely.

One of the best things about working with Sheila is that she brought something new to the table every time we worked together. I had a brand-new experience literally every day. And being a Coach myself, I learned that there’s so much out there in the world of mindfulness. I loved that Sheila was a true mentor. Even though I’m so new to many of the tools that Sheila brought to our meetings, she never made me feel ignorant of things I haven’t discovered yet. She invoked my curiosity with a sense of excitement. I’ve learned that I’ve only touched the tip of the cornerstone of mindfulness. There’s so much to explore, navigate, and use for my clients and myself. I also learned even through a zoom meeting, healing and energies can be exchanged. Sheila did an energy cleansing that actually made my body hot! I’m always cold, I actually had to take my sweatshirt off. I would recommend Sheila’s coaching to anyone who wants a new experience, when your average coach or therapist just isn’t giving you what you need. Sheila isn’t average or ordinary in any sense of the word. She not only changes things your outlook, but she’s warm and welcoming, and highly skilled."

- Cindy Fernandez, Age: 56, State: CA, 2021

"Prior to meeting with Sheila, I had been recently separated from my spouse of 31 years 8 mos. It was a very depressing time and did not know what I had done wrong. Sheila was able to make me see that even if we had not done our separation face to face to confront what had happened and what was going on I could still get passed that by looking at it in different way and learning to let go and to value myself worth. I learned that it is ok to love myself and put my needs first and be happy and that I cannot change anyone else’s behavior or their feelings for me. But it is ok to let go and GLOW!! I also realized that I had put everyone else first and now know that I am very important and need to value myself and that it is ok to put myself first. To love myself. I would recommend Sheila as a coach to my Family, Friends and anyone in need."

- Lilia M. Ceja, 55, CA, 2021

"Before my coaching sessions with Sheila, I was very conflicted as to what direction I wanted to go with my career. My sessions with Sheila helped give me clarity in my business life. She also helped with tools, tips, and habits that have helped in my physical, emotional, and spiritual life. I would not call it work. I would call it fun, like talking with a friend. Except that friend has real tools that help move you forward in all aspects of life. I was able to add physical and spiritual habits to my life that continue to draw me closer to my goals and intentions in every area of my life. I will use some of these tools the rest of my life. I am very knowledgeable about holistic and spiritual tools and habits. This is why I loved my sessions with Sheila because she had knowledge about things I had never heard of before. I love learning new things and Sheila was the perfect teacher that showed up at the perfect time to teach me new information that was practical in my life. I would recommend coaching with Sheila to anybody who is interested in moving forward in their life physically, emotionally, and spiritually."

-  Jen Perkins, 45, Indiana, 2020


"Sheila is a passionate blooming nurse coach who co-creatively evokes inner wisdom while exploring with a wide-range of tools including energy healing, crystals, and sound. Her curiosity runs deep, tapping into the energetics of root causes. Her passion radiates through her. She is a joy to work with.

Before working with Sheila I had a lot of stress along with energetic imbalance, with Sheila's guidance I now have more tools and wisdom to release the tension in my body. The meditative journeys she shared will remain a part of my daily practice, as they are so beneficial. I feel a little more wiser and more appreciative of the interconnectedness of the universe. I am more at peace and awe.

Sheila's wisdom runs deep, she helped to understand and navigate stress and energetic imbalances through meditational journeys that tapped into a spiritual level along the way pearls of education was provided. I gained wisdom and peace.

Coaching with Sheila, I learned the usefulness of using energy, crystal, and sounds as a part of healing. Also, there are many ways to solve an issue, one way might be through the chakras.

I would recommend Sheila to a person who is curious about exploring the wisdom of energy, crystals, sound healing, and sacred geometry. She offers passion, curiosity, and a deep desire to serve."

-Virginia Farr, 51 years old, CA, 2021

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