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Being Healthy is Expensive, Time Consuming and You're Always Hungry! WRONG!

These are some of the most common misconceptions I've gotten from many people. I'm here to debunk them all through my own personal experience. If you read my last blog, you know I live a Whole Food Plant-Based with no Sugar, Oil, or Salt (WFPB-SOS) lifestyle. The idea of this lifestyle is to eat as close to the foods original source as possible. Whole grains (not flour), legumes, plants, plants, plants, plants, plants! If it comes in a box, is prepared, or from the middle of the grocery store, chances are it's processed. When a food source has been processed, it changes the proportions of carbs, fats, proteins, nutrients etc. Take oil for example! It's one of the highest caloric dense "foods" there are! Food is made perfectly whole as it grows in just the right proportions as its meant to be for best digestion and absorption. When "man" changes that proportion, in comes digestive issues, illnesses, and disease. When you eat WFPB-SOS, it's NOT expensive! I live in beautiful Mendocino County, California which is a very expensive place to live in this country. I buy mostly all organic and between my teenage son and myself, I spend approximately $400-$450 per month on food.

Is eating WFPB-SOS time consuming? It can be if you make it that way! I don't like to spend a lot of time preparing food and surely don't cook everyday. I batch cook on the weekends. I create way more than I need for my family and freeze half of it and eat the other half throughout the week. When you do this consistently, you can always make 1-2 things new per week and add in past weeks frozen things to make a variety throughout the week. I only cook on the weekends, but I will prepare my homemade hummus (which is super easy and quick), or my cowgirl caviar in the middle of the week to add to the variety. I like having both cold and hot foods.

To eat healthy, you must always be hungry. NOPE! When you eat whole foods and especially when you eat LOTS of vegetables, you can eat A LOT! I read an article on Chef AJ (well-known WFPB chef - check her out on You Tube) that says she eats 3 lbs of food 3 times a day and she's skinny (in a healthy way)! I don't find that I need to eat that much for satiety. When I'm feeling like I want something heavier that will last, I eat beans and occasionally grains. They are very filling. The more you eat this lifestyle, the more you love and appreciate the textures, the juice content, the flavors and freshness of it all. You end up not even craving many of the foods you used to love. I'll be honest, I do still miss cheese and sugar on occasion, but not as frequently as I used to. Now I go to find a new recipe to inspire me when those cravings hit and I appreciate mother natures' sources. Food is thy medicine!!!

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