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Overcoming Internal Resistances

Resistances.... We all have them. We are human after all, and we don't live in a "perfect" world. Life is hard. We know we want to do better, be better, look better, act better, but these damn resistances get in the way! Resistances can come in many forms. They come in the form of anxiety, depression, rage, fear, crying, overeating, hoarding etc. Resistances are created by past experiences and beliefs to something.

Let me give an example. Many know they want to be healthier and live a healthier lifestyle with diet and exercise, but their resistances tell them things like "You've never been able to accomplish this before", "You just have bad genetics", "Eating healthy will be boring and you won't be able to socialize with your friends anymore". These resistances are like the devil on your shoulder. As a result, oftentimes, you may end up binge eating or eating something way more unhealthy for you than you otherwise would if you hadn't had those resistances.

Another example may be with a shopping addiction. There's this big FOMO (fear of missing out) on a big sale, or a rare item, etc. Your resistance tells you things like, you'll never see this item available again, you'll never find it at that price again, or your life will feel incomplete without that item. When in reality, if you have a home, food, warmth, your basic biological needs are cared for, you have everything you truly need. Everything else is "icing on the cake". We can find that "icing" in so many things around us that we already have and just need to find that spark for it again and start using it.

What are your resistances? Now that you've identified it, now what? What is your goal you're wanting to accomplish? Why do you want that goal to occur? What might you be afraid of if your goal actually does come to fruition? (Fear of success is a real thing) What happens if it doesn't happen? How truly bad do you want it to happen? These are all questions you should be asking yourself to better understand your resistances.

Now, let's look at the pro's and con's of if your goal does happen and if it doesn't happen. I talk a lot about eating WFPB (whole-food-plant-based), so we'll use that as an example.

For me, The pro's if I do establish a WFPB lifestyle: better digestion, decreased blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, increased energy, smaller more comfortable body, increased flexibility, increased stamina, increase in "happy" hormones...

The pro's if I don't establish this lifestyle: I don't have to plan ahead for what I'll eat for the week, I can grab food anywhere anytime, I can follow and fulfill my cravings...

The cons if I do eat WFPB: More time spent planning ahead for food, pack food on trips away from the home, difficulty finding foods on the go, feeling isolated from others not living this lifestyle when wanting to be social at restaurants/bars...

The cons if I don't eat WFPB: Gain weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, higher risk for cancers and other diseases, uncomfortable in my body, decreased stamina, low energy, depression...

Looking at this, you can see where many cross over in each of the categories. Breaking it up this way, does open your mind to think of new thoughts & ideas. As you can see not everything equaled out in the categories. Now that you've done this part of the exercise, now label everything from 1-5 with 1 being "it doesn't matter that much to me" to 5 being "it means the world to me" and add them up. This will help you to truly see what is really important to you and exactly why. Understanding the why behind your action brings you into a state of desire to wanting to make that action happen even more for you. Remember that why. All of the why's! Write it down everywhere to remind yourself on an ongoing basis.

This is one of many examples and tools I use with my coaching clients. If you're ready for some deeper work into overcoming your resistances, go to the home page and complete the "Pre Coaching Questionnaire". I love helping others overcome their resistances and become more, become better, become the person inside that's been waiting to shine!

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